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Edmonton Auto Detailing How to Care for Leather

Edmonton Auto Detailing: How to Care for Leather
The surface of your car’s interior is special. When it is leather it is very special. After all, who doesn’t like the shine of new leather? Appropriate car care is extremely important is if you want to protect your leather interior. After all, who wants hard cracks in their leather? In this article you will receive good car care advice on what techniques you need to use to keep your leather interior at its best and what car care products you should use. As they say, a little auto detailing goes a long way.

You know you have seen what leather looks like if you do not properly maintain it very often. Two key ingredients in an auto detailing are always going to be time and effort. You need to be available to maintain your leather interior. Without these two key ingredients none of the following car care advice will amount to anything. So, make sure you keep up with the regular auto detailing of your car, and your leather will not only shine, but be free of dirt and oil.

In order to maintain your leather car interior you will need specific car care products, and not just any will do the job right. You absolutely must not use ordinary soap and water, no matter how tempting it may seem. You will just end up doing more harm than good if you were to do that. The first item you will need to purchase a bottle of petroleum and oil free leather cleaner. Remember, you want to remove built up oil, not add more to the leather interior of your car. The second item you will need to purchase is a bottle of leather conditioner that is water based. The third item you will need to purchase is a microfiber pad. Now that you have acquired your kit it would be best for you to try them out on a small unnoticeable area to make sure they do not stain or adversely affect the leather interior of your car. Please do not skip this step. The last thing you want is your leather to be two very different colors.

Now, before you do anything else, please make sure you vacuum your car out and get rid of any garbage lying around. You want to vacuum up as much of the debris as possible. If it all possible you should remove the seats in your car to have more access for cleaning them. If this is not feasible, than just do the best job you possibly can.

The next part of the job will be to apply the leather cleaner onto your leather interior with the microfiber pad. You do not want to scrub it in. Rather apply it gently at first. If necessary use an agitating motion over the stubborn spots. Now you need to rinse off your microfiber pad, and wipe the interior another time. After that you will need to dry it off with a microfiber towel. You are now ready to apply the leather conditioner in the same manner as you applied the cleaner. Depending on the interior you may want to apply the conditioner twice, but use your best judgment.

Does Low Cost Auto Insurance Equal Low Liability limits

The amount of insurance you will need will always be determined to late, once you have an accident. To try to understand how to protect yourself, you first need to know what your liability insurance will cover. It is always broken up in two parts bodily injury and property damage liability.

Bodily injury liability covers injuries do to a car accident.

1. First Aid at the Accident

2. Medical expenses for bodily injury

3. Compensation for loss of income

4. Funeral expenses

5. Legal counsel costs

Property damage liability makes the damage that is cause due to an automobile accident.

1. Structural damage to homes, storefronts, etc.

2. Restauration cost for other immobile objects

3. Car restoration or replacement expenses

So, what coverage limit are right for you? Every state compiles there minimum guidelines individually. 15,000/30,000/15,000 is the minimal norm but that may vary from state to state so check your state guidelines. You might have noticed that there are three coverage figures and not two. This is because bodily injury liability usually comes in a split limit unless you request a single limit of coverage.

Split Limit coverage: Limits are split into two for bodily injury coverage and then there is a separate coverage for property damage. If you take the example from above $15,000/$30,000 coverage, the $15,000 represents the total amount of bodily injury coverage that will be paid out to any one person during an accident. The $30,000 represents the total amount of bodily injury coverage that will be paid out for the entire accident. If you had a single limit of coverage it would include a maximum to be paid out but no individual maximum and it could be divided however needed.

The last number in your liability coverage is always your property damage limit in the above cast is was also $15,000.

What is right amount of liability coverage? The most common amount of coverage is a split limit of $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury with a property damage coverage equal to $50,000. People that take out lower limit are really exposing themselves to financial disaster if they can’t afford to pay the difference when an accident occurs. For example, say you have $15,000/$30,000 bodily injury coverage and $15,000 property damage coverage. You get into an accident that is your fault with two vehicles a five year Honda Accord and two year old Chrysler 300. There are three people in the Honda and one person in the Chrysler. All have minor injury but are brought to the hospital and the person driving the Chrysler stays overnight for observation. Their bills will run over your $30,000 maximum for Bodily injury and the person driving the Chrysler will have individual hospital cost of more than $15,000. What does that mean? Once your coverage is used up you will be responsible for the rest. With hospital cost as expensive as they are that could mean a very costly bill to you. This doesn’t even take into account the amount of property damage that needs to be paid out. Since you hit two cars the damage for both comes out at $19,000. That is another $4,000 out of your pocket. The worst part of the whole thing was you thought you had full coverage and that it didn’t matter what happened. Full coverage only means that you have liability coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage but your limits on liability are the most important. Make sure they are set properly.

100,000/300,000/50,000 is the most common amount of liability coverage within today. The cost to the consumer to go from state minimums to 100,000/300,000/50,000 of even more coverage isn’t that much more expensive. It just makes sense to me to pay a little more now for more coverage. Rather then thousands more later. I was found at fault in an accident and caused, because I didn’t have coverage to pay for all the expenses I caused to to the accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance Savings

Designed for corporations and small business owners, commercial auto insurance could be priced competitively, also comes with a company account manager, with claims handled quickly so you can get your enterprise going again, whilst deductibles will be spread across all vehicles instead of applying only to single vehicles.

Because commercial auto insurance is meant for small business,the premiums are often a lot less expensive than private car insurance, nevertheless most corporations still think it costly, so small companies and corporate managers are under pressure to scale back rates of commercial auto insurance.

Cars, vans, trucks, and trailers are commonly covered by most commercial auto insurance policies. Paying via the Internet using adaptable payment intervals can often be there for policy holders.

Reduce your business fees by garaging vehicles in a safe place and make sure they have anti-theft devices fitted, along with tracking equipment such as GPS devices. . Further cutbacks in commercial auto insurance premiums can be secured by ensuring all vehicles are fitted with seat belts and air bags for passenger well being.

Staff may consider it their right or perhaps a benefit that they are issued with a sportier auto, however rates on mid sized sedans tend to be more affordable.

Developing guidelines for ongoing upkeep of the corporate fleet of vehicles is likely to result in lower rates. The obvious tactic is to contract for normal inspections and repairs, therefore avoiding preventable off-road time, in fact organizing servicing of the vehicles outside of their normal warranty inspections is good business anyway.

Your corporation personnel are the people who actually operate the automobiles and on average you should expect a certain percent of incidents, however you can minimize these. Verify the driving record of the employees at least once a year, and organize a defensive driving course for standard drivers, with stress on safe stopping and crash prevention.

Do not be afraid to ask for frequent appraisals from insurance companies, remembering that policies change once in a while, if you understand your fleet and drivers it should be a negligible matter to request no obligation quotes from the insurance company and their competitors yearly, or even just every 8-10 months if you are feeling the companies are competitive.

Staying with your existing insurance provider is perhaps in your best interests, and could be preferable to saving a couple of dollars. At times you just need to make the choice to stay with your current insurance company as the connection is solid enough that nothing is a significant headache. Changing to the latest provider may seem advantageous, however you need to inquire if they are contactable when you require them most.

Be sure to assess the existing policy yearly, vehicles in the fleet vary, and your company may well not have made any claims lately. Receiving a cut-rate premium on your auto insurance is probably going to be something you have to request, it’s doubtful the provider will willingly cut your rates.

It may also be worth taking into account increasing the deductibles if the corporation has made positive efforts to scale back accidents by reviewing employee driving records or contracted for safe driving courses.

Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan

In United States, there are indeed several insurers that use the word “Citizens” for their companies names. One of the most popular among all of them is the Citizens Insurance Company of America. It is based in Michigan and a subsidiary of The Hanover Insurance Group, hence Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan. Although the companys headquarter in Howell, Michigan, it operates in many regions of the Midwest.

Basic Auto Coverage

The Michigan auto insurance is based on no-fault policy. That means your insurer will pay for all the necessary medical cost, rehabilitation expenses, and even provide reimbursement for lost wages in case you are incapacity to work due to road accidents for up to three years. The no-fault policy is considered as the most generous type of insurance policy because it provides payout regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The main purpose of such regulation is to prevent lawsuits being filed in the case of accident unless someone is severely injured or killed. It simplifies things.

Car insurance in Michigan is one of few that apply this no-fault regulation. Currently, there are only 12 states in the country providing the benefit. The official website of Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan does not provide information about this because all information about coverage, discounts, etc., is available at The Hanover Insurance Groups website.

The basic auto coverage liability requirement for drivers in Michigan includes PIP (personal Injury Protection), Property Damage, and Bodily Injury. Auto Citizens Insurance Michigan, however, does not limit your options to those basic policies. Optional coverage is available, but you may need to check for it at the official website of The Hanover Insurance Group. Among all options provides, the Connection Auto feature allows you to customize your coverage depending on what you need. This feature has some good options for example Roadside Assistance, Travel Right Endorsement, Rental Coverage Upgrade, Extended Non-Owned Auto Coverage, and more.


Based on last years report, Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan has been affirmed to have an “A” (Excellent) financial rating by A.M. Best, a reputable independent insurance reviewer. The rating was for the parent company, but it also applied to all of its subsidiaries. The FSR (Financial Strength Rating) and ICR (Issuer Credit Rating) of “A” have been confirmed to many of its subsidiaries including Citizens Insurance Michigan (Citizens Insurance Company of America).

Cheap Pennsylvania Auto Insurance A Complete Shoppers Guide

There are some fundamental questions for PA residents who can drive legally within the state. What are the cheapest auto insurance companies available in PA? What is the minimum auto insurance coverage in Pennsylvania? What are the things must be looked at when comparing quotes for PA auto insurance?

The state of Pennsylvania follows the no fault auto insurance system as for their minimum requirements. This auto insurance system means that you, along with your car insurance company will pay for injury claim regardless of who caused the accident. The no fault system under PA auto insurance law requires bodily injury coverage with a minimum amount of 15,000 dollars per person involve with 30,000 dollars per accident and 5,000 dollar property damage liability coverage. Bodily injury liability coverage will pays for medical bills, lost wages and even pain and suffering. While the property damage liability will pay for damages or losses of the other partys property such as vehicle, house, fence, and other legal costs.

As no fault auto insurance system, personal injury protection or PIP is required. There are various levels of personal injury protection available in the state. However, they require 5,000 dollars as the minimum amount and insurance experts named it as first party benefits-medical. If you get involve in an accident, this type of coverage will pay for surgical and medical related expenses. It also includes rehabilitation expenses such as dental, optometric, physical therapy, nursing expenses and even medical supplies and other devices. This type of auto insurance will only cover you, the beneficiaries listed on the policy and other relatives living with you. A no fault auto insurance system is vary from state to state and may change over the years. You may visit the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance website for additional updates.

Pennsylvania auto insurance also offers tort system as an optional policy. The tort option will give the right to compensate if you and other members of the household are injured in an accident. There are two types of PA tort option, the limited and full tort coverage. A limited tort auto insurance has a limited right to recover losses and damages. Having this optional car insurance policy, the medical and other related expenses brought by the accident will be covered. However, you are not entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering. If you choose the limited tort, your loss income claim will also be lower. While in full tort option, your rights to compensate financially is not limited and you can recover damages and losses for medical expenses. Moreover, you are able to compensate financially for pain and suffering.

Other Optional Pennsylvania Car Insurance Coverage
First party extraordinary medical coverage is another optional liability auto insurance coverage available in the state of PA. This type of car insurance coverage may assists you and your family on medical expenses up to 1,000,000 dollars. If you buy this option, it will take effect after your personal injury protection reached the limit.

With all the options for PA auto insurance, it is good to shop around and compare quotes for the best possible rates. By doing a bit of research and comparison, you can get the right coverage and save more hundreds in Pennsylvania auto insurance.

California Auto Insurance Quote-A Brief understanding!

You are the permanent citizen of California; or you have on a work visa there; no matter-if you are there, you may look for an organization that can provide best Auto Insurance Quote in California. Needless to say; you have to choose the suitable one from the available multiple auto insurance companies that you can connect to once search in Google.

You may also get some agents/middle organizations; that will help you in availing the best auto insurance quotes in California; from the state-approved California auto insurance companies.

Then, it would be easier for you to compare quotes for Auto Insurance at California; and take a decision depending on one that fits your personalized needs. In order to avail some of the best quotes and avail maximum benefits, do a small secondary research in the internet and you will be connected to all the top Auto Insurance providers at California and instantly can have their quotes. When you shop for insurance; you must not hesitate to ask for getting a comprehensive coverage that will easily fit into your budget.

In the same time; to get appropriate and suitable California Auto insurance quotes, start searching for an organization that has good connections with reliable brands in Auto insurance industry.

Look for an Organization with Credentials?

Size of Auto insurance business in California is large enough, and this is the main reason why there is significant number of companies providing Auto Insurance. Hence; while finalizing on auto insurance quotes, the best way is to go with a ‘state-approved’ company.

Which Type of Auto Insurance Does California Require?

When you are asking for Auto Insurance quotes in California; dont forget to ask for the quote of Auto insurance product that will developed as per the rules and regulation of United States auto driving policies. Otherwise; you will get the auto insurance quotes in California; what will be economic in its nature but may hold many things in hidden. This is the reason; why we are saying- getting Auto insurance quotes California is definitely an easy task; but finalizing quotes out of multiple available auto insurance quotes is a big challenge.

At last; the conclusion of the matter is; if you wish to get trustworthy Auto insurance quotes in California; look for an organization that enjoys respective credentials, industry reputation, which can give you the best deals, and make your life easier.

It only takes one disaster to be catastrophic to the bottom line, wiping out years of hard work. We offer business insurance policies that combine protection from all major property and liability risks in one package. One package purchased by small and mid-sized businesses is the business owners policy (BOP). Package policies are created for businesses that generally face the same kind and degree of risk. Larger companies often purchase a commercial package policy or customize their policies to meet the special risks they face.

We are an independent insurance agency that is proud to offer the best and most affordable insurance policies with great customer service. Give us a call to get a free quote or just for more information.

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California Auto Insurance Buy One That Offers Wide Coverage at the Best Rate

Auto insurance in California is of various types depending upon the demands as well as afford-ability of the customers. In other words, the California auto insurance providers have introduced several policies that fit diverse demands of the car owners and suit everybody’s pocket. The best insurance provides the vehicle owners a strong sense of assurance that they will be protected against liability for physical injuries or property damages.

The individuals are more concerned about finding a cheap California auto insurance offer. An inflated insurance rate will make you shift your attention from one insurance provider to another. You may even hesitate to splurge on a new car if you can not find out a suitable policy within the affordable range. However, the cheap policy does not always turn out to be the most suitable one that covers all of your requirements. The best California auto insurance program offers a wide breadth of coverages but comes easy on your pocket. The best insurance policy proffers a package of comprehensive services including auto accidents, theft, damages due to fire or other natural disasters. The most suitable California auto insurance should have the requisite credit for fair and quick handling of any type of auto accident claim and include all the necessary insurance aspects. In addition to that, the best insurance policy must show a strong financial stability in form of A+ or above.

California law has mandated purchase of a California auto insurance policy. So the demand for vehicle insurance is expectedly high in the state. There are many auto insurance agencies which have added fuel to the fire of fierce competition among them. This, in turn, has reduced the volume of insurance cost. With several schemes on offer, the drivers should be cautious when it comes to selecting the best policy. A thorough search is imperative prior to taking a pick. Gather information about at least a dozen of California auto insurance providers. Check their quotes as well as coverages. Evaluation of rates and services offered by the insurance providers is what can help you clutch the top pick. If the task seems to be tough for you, engage an insurance specialist to assist you in searching the best policy that comes with a wide array of offers and the best quote.

Some leading insurance providers in California offer the policies for both commercial and non-commercial automobiles. They have a continuously expanded and extended customer base. Their inexorable growth is an true indicator that they are much trusted and revered in the insurance business. Shopping for the best insurance policy consumes time and therefore takes a toll on the vehicle owners. For them, California auto insurance policy is on offer via net. Net also comes in handy when you are in the earnest quest of a teen auto insurance offer. Such insurance policy is generally expensive but efficient application of some effective tricks makes the cost slide down considerably. A consistently good academic performance and impressive driving record leave a strong impact upon the insurance providers and this in turn often crops the cost of a teen auto insurance policy.

Bug and Tar Remover to Keep Auto Paint Looking Like New

When you buy a car, one of the most important things to keep it in top condition is to maintain the paint finish. To keep the paint on your car looking fresh and new, you need to use high quality products. You should look for products manufactured by a company that knows the automotive industry. You have to use products that consistently work to keep the finish on your car looking shiny and new. Products to keep the finish on your car looking great and that consistently get good reviews from consumers, are what you want to buy. This is especially true when you must buy bug and tar remover.

There are a lot of things that can destroy the paint on your car. Among these are bugs, tar, sap from trees, and bird droppings. Bugs can destroy the paint on a car because certain types of insects contain acids that can actually eat through the finish on your car. Bugs splattered across the windshield and paint look disgusting, but they cause bigger problems. If a good bug and tar remover isnt used as soon as the insects hit your car, more problems can result. When the bugs begin to decompose, they create enzymes that are designed to break down the decomposing insects. However, they also begin destroying the paint.

When road tar gets on the finish of your car, it is sticky and very difficult to remove unless you use a good quality bug and tar cleaner. If the tar isnt removed using the proper method, it can result in scratches to the paint on your car. There are a lot of good commercial products on the market that you can use to remove the tar. You should use a removal product to loosen the tar from the surface. It may have to sit for about 30 seconds. Before using the bug and tar remover, you should make sure to clean the surface of the car where the tar had collected.

After washing the surface thoroughly, you should use a soft cloth to remove the product. You shouldnt leave it on for longer than 30 seconds because the finish could be damage further. Using anything abrasive could damage the paint. If there are any scratches as a result of removing the tar, buff the surface with a soft cloth and apply a coat of wax to regain the shine. Once the bugs and tar have been removed, waxing or using a paint sealant on the surface will prevent further problems.

Automatic Direct Auto Insurance Quote

Acquiring insurance coverage may not be as easy as you expect, especially if this is your first time. Young drivers, who were previously included in their parents policies, need to have their own auto insurance coverage sooner or later. There are some basic requirements such as credit card and saving accounts; many insurers also require applicants to actually have a home. Even when the basic requirements are already fulfilled, young drivers often have to pay quite high premium due to various reasons, for example no home ownership or simply lack of driving experience. Direct General Auto Insurance (or simply referred to as Direct Auto Insurance) has its own method to make the entire processes very easy. To get Direct Auto Insurance quote, applicants do not even need to actually have credit card or saving accounts, meaning young drivers can apply with good chance of approval.

Driving experience is an also an important factor to determine insurance rate. Without enough experience, insurance companies will treat young drivers as “high-risk”, meaning they should purchase non-standard coverage which is always more expensive than its regular counterpart. When acquiring Direct Auto Insurance quote, please remember that you can use the discount as long as you are eligible for it. For young drivers (especially those without occupation or home ownership yet), the “good student” discount is an excellent option to reduce premium by up to 10%.

You can ask for Direct Auto Insurance quote online or at the companys branch offices spread across 13 states. There are more than 400 branch offices, and you can even acquire quote by phone. Even without credit card or checking account, you can pay the premium bill quite easily, too. In fact, auto direct insurance allows you to choose any specific date in a month to pay the bill, plan your own schedule, installment plans, and even payment methods in including online, offline, and even via phone too.

Young drivers can acquire the quote online and have it delivered to home addresses. In case you are not sure about what type of coverage to purchase, Direct Car Insurance provides you with Virtual Insurance Agents including Coverage Assistant and Life Coach; both are designed to help you to understand what coverage to purchase and make sure that your choices comply with states regulation. Those virtual agents will ask some simple “YES or NO” questions and give suggestions based on your answers. Recommendations are given instantly and automatically when you are asking for quotes. However, it is possible to change the companys recommended coverage plan and simply purchase those that you need the most.

Auto Wheel Alignment the most misunderstood auto maintenance item

Most of us worry about running out of gas or having a belt or hose fail resulting in a breakdown on the side of the road. That is why we practice preventive maintenance on our vehicles that and to keep the cost of driving down. But one important part of preventive maintenance that may get overlooked by most motorists is a periodic alignment inspection.
Most people don’t realize their car is out of alignment and even when the some of the symptoms like, minor uneven tire wear, your car pulling a little to one side or the steering seems a little loose are evident. A DMV study where they randomly inspected miscellaneous cars off the road found that 9 out of 10 cars needed a wheel alignment and the drivers weren’t even aware of it.

Alignment is a complex topic covering a variety of terms and a miscellany of parts. When your wheels are out of alignment, your tires aren’t pointing in the right direction. This will affect your steering, brakes and suspension, but more importantly, it could affect your safety and the durability of your tires and all the parts controlling them.

Having a car with badly aligned wheels leads to other connected problems. Your braking system does not work to optimal levels. The tendency to pull to one side due to uneven tires causes problems in the steering system. It also leads to uneven braking. Improper wheel alignments will affect the suspension of your car. The suspension in a car is made up of complicated and delicately balanced parts, and it is important that it should be perfect, not to mention that changing/repairing your suspension could cost an awful lot.

Correct alignment is much more than just keeping you tires straight on the road. Technologically advanced vehicles which have the following systems may experience warning lights and/or system shut down if your vehicle is out of proper alignment.

(1) Traction Control Systems
(2) Stability Control Systems
(3) Variable or Dynamic Steering
(4) Lane Assist
(5) Adaptive Cruise Control

It is very important to consider the safety factor too. Have you ever driven a car which pulls itself to one side all the time? You probably know how difficult it is to drive on a wet or iced road even with perfectly aligned wheels. With badly aligned wheels, you are taking on unnecessary risk. Is it worth having an accident and endangering the lives of loved ones?
It doesn’t take much, thats for sure, Alignment angles are measured in tenths and hundredths of degrees or inches. There are many ways for your car to lose its alignment. Youll be familiar with most of the causes, but what you probably didn’t think was that each one could do quite a number on your vehicles alignment.
Wheel alignment can be thrown off by:
(1) Pot holes
(2) Hitting the curb
(3) Bumping into concrete parking stalls
(4) Driving on bumpier roads, such as gravel
(5) Fair wear and tear – as vehicles age, rubber components start cracking or lose their elasticity and ball and socket joints develop looseness. They start to give a little more, progressively getting slightly worse over time. Worn control arm bushings, worn out shocks and struts can also be a serious problem with uneven tire wear.

Cost of Not Having Your Alignment Checked Vs The Cost Of An Alignment

When the wheels of the car are not aligned there is uneven pressure on the tires. They tend to push against each other. When that happens the car faces uneven friction and much more resistance from the road surface. This means that your car has to work that much harder to move forward and more fuel is burned than normal. Improper alignment can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10% – about 29 cents per gallon. In addition, the tires can wear out more quickly. That is a cost of about $187 per year in extra gas

If your tires are bowed out of alignment by just .017 in., it’s the equivalent of dragging your tire sideways for 5 miles for every 1,000 you drive. Depending on how severe the alignment is, you can take an 80,000 mile tire and wear it out in 40,000 miles. Obviously if you have an alignment that is severely out, you can wear the tires out in a couple thousand miles. Cost could be an additional $30.00 per year. In extreme cases and you go through 2 sets of tires in a single year that’s an additional $400 cost you could of avoided by having an $80 alignment.

When your wheels are out of alignment, the uncontrolled ride puts a strain on your steering and suspension including the shock absorbers and struts. The cost to replace both front Strut/Shock Absorbers is estimated by to be between $354 and $866 for a 2012 vehicle depending on make and model. It is recommended that you replace your shocks every 50,000 miles or about 4 years of normal driving. Reducing the life by 25% due to misaligned wheels cost you on average $152.50. In addition worn shocks don’t just hamper driver comfort; they can harm overall suspension performance and reduce brake efficiency, cornering ability and anti-lock brake system effectiveness. So when shocks go bad, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

All told the damages (tires, fuel economy, suspension) from running your vehicle with misaligned wheels for a year could be $369.50 per year or $30.80 per month. This excludes the impact on latest advanced technology found on today’s cars. Keeping up with your wheel alignment service keeps your car running right. You reduce your risk of breaking down on the side of the road, which keeps you and your passengers safer while driving. The thumb rule is that you should get you wheels aligned once every 6000 miles or 6 months, whichever is earlier. Your owner’s manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends having this service. You should also get your wheels aligned or at least checked by a professional if you have hit something large enough to cause alignment issues.

Many repair shops like American Auto Air & Repair in Reno, NV will do a free alignment check if asked. These courtesy checks do not include any adjustments but will make you aware of any misalignment issues that need to be addressed. After the initial check American Auto Air & Repair uses state of the art high-definition digital imaging wheel alignment technology and extensive training to insure that all the vehicles we align are brought back to precise manufacturers specifications .