A Look at Popular Windsor Auto Scrubbers

The secret to keeping concrete and carpeted floors looking brand new is to keep them clean. While you could ideally get on your hands and knees, and scrub the entire floor with a sponge and soapy water, there is another way to clean the floors with an automatic scrubber. Windsor is a leading manufacturer of cleaning products and equipment that are designed to improve the look and feel of a variety of floor surfaces. Here is a look at some of the most popular versions of Windsor auto scrubbers.

Windsor is the only company to manufacture and carry an automatic floor cleaner that is built to carry the technician on it. The Chariot iScrub is designed to incorporate a stand-on platform that allows the cleaning technician to ride on the automatic floor clearer, instead of having to push or guide it. This model is one of the most popular Windsor auto scrubbers because it improves workplace safety by reducing the fatigue of the cleaning technician. Reduced fatigue can also increase productivity as the technician is able to clean a wider range of surfaces without feeling fatigued or tired. In addition to the stand-on platform, the Chariot iScrub is extremely powerful and cleans dirt and grime in minutes.

Another category of automatic floor scrubbers produced by Windsor is the small micro-scrubbers. Micro-scrubbers are extremely popular because they allow cleaning technicians to get into those hard to reach areas that larger Windsor auto scrubbers miss. These automatic floor cleaners are built to be extremely small and compact. However, the small structure does not limit or reduce the power. These automatic floor cleaners can come in tiny walk-behind models that require the cleaning technicians to walk behind the model, or in a smaller handheld version. Both models are designed to be flexible and agile so the cleaning machine gets in those hard to reach places.

Windsor auto scrubbers are believed to be the best in the cleaning industry because of the features the product offers. Most of the models are designed to provide enhanced maneuverability which increases cleaning performance. The models also feature an on-board battery charger. This allows cleaning technicians to automatically recharge the models battery without having to go through extensive procedures to remove the battery and place it back in. This allows people to increase productivity, and spend their time working on what really matters cleaning the floors and carpets with the automatic floor cleaner.