Auto Body Repair Austin

The days of the shade-tree mechanic have long gone – ended by high tech automotive systems requiring both greater education and more sophisticated tools. Indeed, a professional mechanic is termed a technician in deference to the complex technology that is today’s automobile. Still, cars break down, but now a professional automotive shop is needed.

Repair by a professional automotive shop is not traumatic as is often feared. Indeed, as many horror stories that are out there, there are thousands and more of satisifed, often unspoken stories of succesful repairs and service. Many shops are certified, especially by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as well as by other organizations, such as NAPA, the National Auto Parts Association, and the American Automobile Association, or AAA. Often, a shop will employ several technicians, and most if not all of the technicians will be certified as well. And these certifications go far in showing the skill of the shop and its technicians. Depending on the certifying organization, there can be additional benefits as well such as a network of shops providing warranty service nationwide. An important aspect of certification is continuing education. Automotive systems continually advance. The professional automotive shop cannot maintain expertise without continuing education.

However, certification is just one important aspect of the professional mechanic. Service is paramount, and the professional knows it. A professional mechanic listens to and addresses the concerns of the customer. From interpreting the customer’s account of symptoms to answering complex questions in simple terms, the professional mechanic, rather than someone to be feared, is often quite friendly and knowledgeable. Often, the professional shop will provide the value added services that make the difference in customer service – warranty on repairs, shuttle service, or even free inspection of basic components. Finally, a professional automotive shop often can handle practically any repair need. A car is a complex system of systems, and a breakdown in one can easily affect others.

In Austin, Texas and the surrounding area, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive is the professional shop. Dave’s is ASE certified, AAA Texas approved, NAPA affiliated (featuring a 24 month, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty on repairs), and a true one stop automotive shop. Dave’s also features a free shuttle and free trouble code check as well as a courtesy check of regular maintenance items. And Dave’s Ultimate Automotive is shop with two locations.

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