Auto Paint and Body Shop To go budget or not to go budget, that is the question

A good and honest auto mechanic is hard to find. It’s either you’ll be over quoted or you’ll end up with bad service. Either way, you’re being ripped off by the auto paint and body shop. When your vehicle needs a little tweaking, more often than not, you would go to the pros to get some help. No one in his right mind would willingly hand over his precious car knowing that the service is below par. However, no one in his right mind would cough up thousands of dollars to have a car body repair. Remember the adage, you get what you pay for? This applies perfectly with the topic at hand. To go budget or not to go budget, that is the question.
Budget Auto Body Shop: The name itself will make a vehicle owner twitch, particularly an owner of a ridiculously expensive, ten cylinder 300HP electric sports car which originated from France. I think you know what Im talking about. Bugatti Veyron 16.4, anyone? To be honest, if I were the owner of said vehicle, heck I’m going to steer clear any shop that has budget written all over it. I’m not a stuck up person, it’s just that the circumstances call that I go with the pro. Imagine having one of the most expensive cars enter a budget auto paint shop? Sacrilege! If you want perfection, then you shouldn’t be going to such shop to acquire an auto body estimate.
Materials: One of the salient differences between the budget versus its expensive counterpart is the materials that are being used. From the pints of paint to the metal parts and everything in between—auto paint shops purchase these items due to their low price—sometimes to the point of sacrificing quality for quantity. This quantity over quality exists so that the auto paint and body shops will not to pass the expensive tag price to its customers.
Labor: Another would be the way they provide their service. One. Don’t expect their staff taping your vehicle before applying the paint. Two. Don’t expect them to remove auto parts even if doing the same will equate to a better paint job. Three, sanding. Don’t expect a finish as smooth as a babys bottom. Less prep time = less expense. Goal: To get the car back on the road ASAP and work on as many vehicles as humanly possible. Goal achieved! Again, as to maintain the low price, they need to work on a certain number of cars daily.
I believe these are a few of the factors that one must know before taking a vehicle in the garage of a budget auto shop. If you want above par repair or paint job, then you have to pay for such an elaborate service. There may be irregularities with a budget shop, but believe me, average Joe won’t notice the difference.
There are a lot of business that offers paint and repair services, be it budget of otherwise, they may claim to be the finest auto paint shop DC or NY or any state has to offer, remember what I’m going to say. Body work is hard, especially if you’re doing it on your own and having minimal experience with regard the matter, whether it is a car accident repair or paint job. If you want to spare yourself of doing the same while saving some cash, go with the budget auto paint and body shop.
Now, I’ll ask you again, to go budget or not to go budget?