Cheap Pennsylvania Auto Insurance A Complete Shoppers Guide

There are some fundamental questions for PA residents who can drive legally within the state. What are the cheapest auto insurance companies available in PA? What is the minimum auto insurance coverage in Pennsylvania? What are the things must be looked at when comparing quotes for PA auto insurance?

The state of Pennsylvania follows the no fault auto insurance system as for their minimum requirements. This auto insurance system means that you, along with your car insurance company will pay for injury claim regardless of who caused the accident. The no fault system under PA auto insurance law requires bodily injury coverage with a minimum amount of 15,000 dollars per person involve with 30,000 dollars per accident and 5,000 dollar property damage liability coverage. Bodily injury liability coverage will pays for medical bills, lost wages and even pain and suffering. While the property damage liability will pay for damages or losses of the other partys property such as vehicle, house, fence, and other legal costs.

As no fault auto insurance system, personal injury protection or PIP is required. There are various levels of personal injury protection available in the state. However, they require 5,000 dollars as the minimum amount and insurance experts named it as first party benefits-medical. If you get involve in an accident, this type of coverage will pay for surgical and medical related expenses. It also includes rehabilitation expenses such as dental, optometric, physical therapy, nursing expenses and even medical supplies and other devices. This type of auto insurance will only cover you, the beneficiaries listed on the policy and other relatives living with you. A no fault auto insurance system is vary from state to state and may change over the years. You may visit the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance website for additional updates.

Pennsylvania auto insurance also offers tort system as an optional policy. The tort option will give the right to compensate if you and other members of the household are injured in an accident. There are two types of PA tort option, the limited and full tort coverage. A limited tort auto insurance has a limited right to recover losses and damages. Having this optional car insurance policy, the medical and other related expenses brought by the accident will be covered. However, you are not entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering. If you choose the limited tort, your loss income claim will also be lower. While in full tort option, your rights to compensate financially is not limited and you can recover damages and losses for medical expenses. Moreover, you are able to compensate financially for pain and suffering.

Other Optional Pennsylvania Car Insurance Coverage
First party extraordinary medical coverage is another optional liability auto insurance coverage available in the state of PA. This type of car insurance coverage may assists you and your family on medical expenses up to 1,000,000 dollars. If you buy this option, it will take effect after your personal injury protection reached the limit.

With all the options for PA auto insurance, it is good to shop around and compare quotes for the best possible rates. By doing a bit of research and comparison, you can get the right coverage and save more hundreds in Pennsylvania auto insurance.