Insurance Option – Most Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes

A new car represents a significant investment on the part of the financer as well as a necessary means of transportation for most people. It is important that the auto insurance option protect that investment against losses.

Car insurance rates are on the rise in Canada. Unfortunately this trend may leave good drivers paying much higher premiums for their auto insurance. The best way to help assure the driver they are receiving the best rates on their premiums with the right amount of coverage is to compare different company’s rates.

Many insured drivers find an insurance company early in their driving career and stay with them over the years. Loyalty is a great thing, but it is also a wise financial decision to assure that loyalty is not costing the auto owner money. The only way to do that is to compare several insurers and their rates.

Higher deductibles for auto insurance can lower the auto insurance premiums. However, the auto owner must remember that in the event of an accident or theft they will be responsible for a larger amount of the loss. A deductible of $500 CAD means the auto owner will be responsible for $500 CAD of the loss and the insurer will pay the rest of the covered expense.

Although a higher deductible might be very attractive; some thought should be given to whether the auto owner can afford that expenditure at any time since they will need to pay it. This is one way to lower auto insurance premiums along with comparison shopping.

Additionally the person purchasing auto insurance should look at any “extras” that may be included in their insurance. If an insurer also offers free travel insurance the premiums could be higher than a comparable insurer. There is nothing free in insurance or life. However, a frequent traveler might also find the included travel insurance invaluable.

Location has an effect on auto insurance premiums. Different provinces have different statistical theft and accident rates. These statistics are used to calculate the premiums for an auto and an area with a higher incidence of auto theft or more accidents will usually have higher premiums. It is important to use a comparison tool which includes location information when giving auto insurance rates.

Finally when selecting auto insurance, an owner should consider just how much is enough insurance. If a vehicle is paid for then they might be tempted to choose only minimum insurance to lower their premiums. Although this will lower the premiums if an auto is used for business or is the family’s only means of transportation then they should consider if they could replace the auto should an accident happen. At times a broader auto insurance policy which protects not only against damage done to others but damage to the vehicle is the wisest and safest choice.

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