Can Naruto Beat Ichigo?

Can Goku beat Ichigo?

No he is in the same league as Naruto both of him could give Original SSJ Goku a run for his money.

After Namek he is completely outclassed.

Goku would win against the normal Ichigo.

So, Ichigo will have difficulty but he will emerge on top..

Can Ichigo beat Sasuke?

Physical power: Ichigo is far stronger than sasuke. … However, Ichigo can fire something like that multiple times while sasuke obviously cant dish out attacks stronger than getsuga continuously. Speed:Even if we were to consider that both of them are at a speed level where they can physically contest against each other.

Can Luffy beat Ichigo?

Another reason why Luffy would win is that, Ichigo attacks are more physical besides the getsuga tensho, in within the physical range of fights, Luffy would beat Ichigo. … If I bring in Luffy whose mastered Haki, Luffy would be quite a bit simpler, but his simplicity is also his strength.

Can Ichigo beat Superman?

Ichigo stands no chance against Superman. their versions, if it’s the weakest vs the weakes Ichigo takes it, if it’s strongest vs strongest Superman stomps Ichigo so much that this is the only way to describe it.

Who would win Ichigo or Saitama?

Ichigo was being powered by the Hygoyaku. That said, saitama should win here. Saitama not only has better feats, but he does them with absolutely no effort. Saitama beats Ichigo with one punch.

Can Naruto beat DEKU?

With those set, let’s fight! Situation 1- Naruto wins. This is the most obvious. Naruto may not be as strong physically or mentally as Deku, but he has far more destructive firepower and versatility, which could easily carry him to victory.

Who is the weakest Naruto character?

Top Ten Weakest Naruto Characters Tenten. … Moegi. … Kiba. … Udon. … Konohamaru Konohamaru is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. … Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. … Ebisu. … Ino.More items…

Can Naruto destroy a planet?

Yes naruto CAN destroy a planet. And no he can’t one shot planets like goku can. … He’s not a Huge Planet Buster he probably wouldn’t be able to blow up the earth, but in my opinion he would at least be able to blow up the moon and further stretched to Pluto (If you consider it a planet).

Can Naruto beat Luffy?

Luffy is fast, but he can’t travel faster than light. Luffy’s strong, but not continent-destroying strong. … And that’s all assuming that Luffy, even given his endurance, can stand up to a shinobi far stronger than anything he’s ever fought before – yes, even Kaido. Naruto wouldn’t just win this fight.

Can Ichigo beat Saitama?

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki would win. He is far faster and can destroy a Large Planet. On the other hand, Saitama is unquantifiably FTL and can destroy at the very least a planet. … Byakuya is at least 5x faster than this since he blitzed Ichigo with 20% of his full power in base.

Can Naruto beat Saitama?

In terms of quality writing and plot , Naruto beats Saitama everytime . One Punch Man, Saitama. This guy is way stronger than Naruto. Even Saitama would have the strength and power to beat Naruto in all of his forms such as Six Paths Sage Mode, Kurama Sage Mode and normal Sage Mode with just one punch.

Who would win Madara or Aizen?

Fragor could probably clinch a hit or two. Both would regen many, many times over, however, Aizen would be outmatched by Madara’s pure stats and would be taken out. As soon as Madara used Limbo or his Rinnegan abilities, the fight would end with Aizen having no way to stop such attacks.

Can Zoro beat Ichigo?

Although after the timeskip Zoro has drastically improved and could be a good match for Ichigo, Ichigo still wins. Ichigo, when fighting Aizen, was able to change landscapes with just the swing of his sword. Zoro has yet to display any auch feats.

Can Naruto defeat Natsu?

The main reason people think Natsu stands a chance against Naruto is because Natsu can eat fire. … Natsu would probably beat Base Naruto as they are about equal in strength, but anything past Sage Mode Naruto, and he’s toast. (He might be able to fight with Sage Mode Naruto equally). So Naruto wins by a huge Margin.

Can Goku beat Luffy?

Goku is one of the strongest characters not just in Dragon Ball, but within the entire anime world. Luffy’s biggest mistake would be to get on the wrong side of Goku. There isn’t any competition and even if Luffy got over a hundred attempts to beat Goku, he would still be unsuccessful.

Can Ichigo beat Natsu?

Natsu is pretty powerful with his Dragon slayer magic. And physically he’s quite resilient and definitely stronger than your average human. But as far as speed (as with most Fairy Tail characters with strength), he’s hardly impressive. … That being said, Ichigo would destroy Natsu in a battle.

Why did Aizen hate the soul king?

Aizen believed that the Soul King was the ‘King’ in title only, but really he was a sorry excuse of a figure head. … He appeared during a time where human and souls coexisted together, but where being terrorised and eaten by the hollows, namely the Menos, causing an imbalance of souls.

Can Saitama beat Thanos?

If you go off a childish no limits fallacy, then yes, Saitama can defeat Thanos. … Thanos with the infinity gauntlet controls space, time, and reality, has unlimited power, and full manipulation over souls. There is NO possible way Saitama could defeat Thanos with the infinity gauntlet.