Question: How Painful Is DIEP Flap Surgery?

What is better DIEP flap or implants?

In general, the studies found better quality of life and breast satisfaction with flap procedures, however, they also found that rates of complications were higher with flap procedures than with implants..

Can mastectomy cause weight gain?

Contrary to our hypothesis, there was no significant gain in weight in this specific population (women having undergone mastectomy with reconstruction), only a 1.4% mean increase in BMI, a clinically insignificant change.

When can I drive after DIEP flap surgery?

You may use your arms for activities of daily living for the first three weeks, but do not push over your head until 3 weeks post-op. Do not drive until you are no longer taking any pain medications (narcotics). Unless stated on this form, discuss your time off work with your surgeon. No driving for 4 weeks.

Is Diep surgery safe?

Like all surgeries, there are some risks with DIEP. It’s rare, but sometimes the tissue moved to your chest doesn’t get enough blood flow and dies. If it’s a small area, your surgeon can trim away the dead tissue. If it’s most of the tissue, they’ll have to replace the whole flap.

What can you eat after DIEP flap surgery?

Take time and create a menu for the week after having DIEP Flap Surgery. Maybe even prepare some meals and freeze them. Focus on whole foods. Processed foods tend to have higher amounts of fat, sugar, salt, chemical additives, and far less fiber and vitamins than whole foods.

Is Diep Flap same as tummy tuck?

Incision Pattern: The surgical incision made to the lower abdomen is quite similar for both DIEP flap surgery and a Tummy Tuck. … However, the DIEP flap is a more invasive procedure: the blood vessels (“perforators”) that keep the DIEP flap skin and fat alive travel just beneath or within the abdominal muscle.

How long do you wear binder after Diep Flap?

If your surgeon gave you an abdominal binder, wear it all day for the first 3 weeks after surgery. Then wear it for the next 3 weeks during the day only. All your stitches will dissolve on their own. All your dressings will be removed on the day you leave the hospital.

How much does it cost for breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

o Approximately $3000-4500 for stage 1 – this includes the cost of a plastic surgeon, surgical assistant, an anaesthetist, prosthesis, and all follow-up. In case of any complications, no further fees apply.

Who is a good candidate for DIEP flap surgery?

Generally speaking, you may be a candidate for DIEP flap if you: Have excess tissue in your lower abdominals. Want results that typically look and feel more natural than implants. Have realistic expectations for the procedure and are aware of the potential risks.

Is Diep Flap safe?

Conclusions: Both unilateral and bilateral DIEP flap breast reconstructions are safe, with a low risk of complications; however, bilateral reconstruction was associated with a higher risk of complications and total flap loss.

How do you get out of bed after Diep Flap?

When you sleep at night you will need to be in a recliner or in my case, a bed with a wedge pillow behind your upper body, pillows elevating your legs and a pillow under each arm. Think of it as the “beach chair” position. You can request a recliner from a durable medical facility.

How difficult is the recovery from DIEP flap surgery?

Healing and recovery after DIEP flap breast reconstruction can be significantly easier than most patients think. With the implementation of ERAS Protocols, most patients experience little discomfort after surgery, require little if any narcotics, and can be discharged from the hospital after 3 days or less.

What do you wear after DIEP flap surgery?

BOTTOMS TO WEAR AFTER DIEP FLAP AND RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY After your first surgery, ultra-soft, non-restrictive bottoms and pants will be your new essentials. When shopping, look for non-compressive leggings, lounge pants and harem pants that are easy to put on, take off and don’t strain your abdominal surgical site.

Does insurance cover Diep Flap?

Will my insurance cover DIEP/GAP flap reconstructions? Yes. If your insurance covers mastectomy, they must by law cover the reconstruction method of your choice.

How long does DIEP flap surgery take?

about 6 to 8 hoursNo muscle should be moved or cut in a DIEP flap. The tiny blood vessels in the flap, which will feed the tissue of your new breast, are matched to blood vessels in your chest and carefully reattached under a microscope. DIEP flap reconstruction surgery takes about 6 to 8 hours.

Do you lose weight after Diep Flap?

My personal experience after DIEP flap was that I did lose weight and am now happily maintaining a normal and healthy BMI.