Question: What Is Alternative Obligation?

What is joint obligation?

In a joint obligation, each obligor answers only for a part of the whole liability and to each obligee belongs only a part of the correlative rights..

What is alternative obligation and example?

For example, A agrees to give B, upon a sufficient consideration, a horse, or one hundred dollars. Usually, when an obligation is alternative, the choice of the item of performance belongs to the obligor unless it has been expressly or impliedly granted to the oblige.

What is facultative obligation?

Facultative obligation refers to a type of obligation where one thing is due, but another is paid in its place. In such type of obligations there is no alternative provided. The debtor is given the right to substitute the thing due with another that is not due.

What are the limitations on the right of choice of the debtor in alternative obligations?

Right of Choice of Debtor not Absolute The right of choice of the debtor is subjected to limitations. Thus —– 1. The debtor cannot choose those prestations which are: (a) impossible, (b) unlawful, or (c) which could not have been the object of the obligation. These prestations are void.

What are the five sources of obligation?

Obligations arise from: (1) Law; (2) Contracts; (3) Quasi‐contracts; (4) Acts or omissions punished by law; and (5) Quasi‐delicts. Sources of Obligations Law — when they are imposed by law itself.

What is alternative and facultative obligation?

Facultative obligation refers to a type of obligation where one thing is due, but another is paid in its place. … An obligation is alternative when two things are equally due, under an alternative. The obligor is bound to render only one of two or more items of performance.

What is generic obligation?

A generic term for any type of legal duty or liability. It refers to a legal or moral duty that an individual can be forced to perform or penalized for neglecting to perform. … An absolute obligation is one for which no legal alternative exists since it is an unconditional duty.

What are the different types of obligation?

In legal terminology, there are several forms of obligation, including:absolute obligation.contractual obligation.moral obligation.penal obligation.

What type of obligation has only one prestation?

Facultative Obligation – debtor is bound to perform one prestation is due to deliver one thing with a reserved right to choose another prestation or thing as substitute for the principal.

What is compound obligation?

Compound obligation – One where there are two or more prestation, it may either be conjunctive or distributive, Conjunctive – Where there are several prestation which are all due and need to be performed, such as the obligation to give a specific ring and a specific bracelet – Distributive – Where only one of two or …

What is obligation and example?

The definition of an obligation is something that someone is required to do. An example of obligation is for a student to turn in his homework on time every day.

What is real obligation?

Real obligation means legal obligation that is connected with real property. t is a duty that corresponds to real right. In other words, real obligation of a person refers to those duties that a person must perform in return for the right that s/he exercises. An example of real obligation is mortgage.