Quick Answer: What Is The Least Sustainable Country?

What countries are sustainable?

The Most Sustainable Countries On Earth According To The Environmental Performance IndexSwitzerland.

According to the 2018 Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland is ranked number one in the world for its achievements in sustainability and environmental conservation.





United Kingdom..

Which is the dirtiest country in the world?

IndiaList of most-polluted cities by particulate matter concentrationPositionCountryPM2.51India1732India1723India1494India14650 more rows

Which countries are most green?

20 Greenest Countries on EarthDenmark. Denmark is the topmost greenest country in the world, with an overall score of 82.50. … Luxembourg. … Switzerland. … United Kingdom. … France. … Austria. … Finland. … Sweden.More items…

Which is the cleanest and greenest country in the world?

FinlandAccording to the EPI index in year 2016 (Environmental Performance Index) prepared by Yale and Columbia Universities, Finland is the world’s cleanest and greenest country.

What country has the cleanest air 2020?

DenmarkDenmark. Denmark is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly country. Denmark has some of the world’s best policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change. Its EPI score is 82.5, standing out for high air quality scores and the biodiversity and habitat category.

Which country has the cleanest water?

The following countries are said to have the cleanest drinking water in the world:DENMARK. Denmark has better tap water than bottled water. … ICELAND. Iceland has stringent quality control, ensuring that they have a consistently high quality of water. … GREENLAND. … FINLAND. … COLOMBIA. … SINGAPORE. … NEW ZEALAND. … SWEDEN.More items…•

Which country is the least environmentally friendly?

In fact, many of the countries doing the least to protect the environment also rank among the 25 poorest countries in the world….Countries doing the least to protect the environmentBurundi.Haiti.Lesotho.Eritrea.Djibouti.Sierra Leone.Iraq.Rwanda.More items…•

What is the least eco friendly city in the world?

BirminghamIn comparison, Birmingham has been named the least environmentally-friendly city largely due to its poor recycling rates.

Which country is most sustainable?

NorwayNorway has overtaken its neighbor Sweden to become the world’s most sustainable country, RobecoSAM’s latest Country Sustainability Ranking reveals.

Which is the greenest city in the world?

Vienna tops Resonance’s annual list of the world’s greenest cities based on criteria like air quality, walkability, and access to recycling and composting programs.

Which country has cleanest air?

The Cleanest CountriesSweden. The least polluted country is Sweden with overall score of 2.8/10. The amount of carbon dioxide is 3.83 tonnes per capita per year, and the concentrations of PM2. … Finland and France. Finland shares second place with France with a score of 3.5/10.

Is Japan a sustainable country?

Share. Japan emerged as the only Asian country to make it in the top 20 ranking in a recently released 2013 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, where the East Asian nation placed twelfth among 176 countries.

What is the most sustainable company in the world?

Europe: 49/100 Sustainable CompaniesRankCompanyCountry#1Ørsted A/SDenmark#2Chr. Hansen Holding A/SDenmark#3Neste OyjFinland#6Novozymes A/SDenmark3 more rows•Mar 6, 2020