Who Has The Most Kills In Apex Legends?

Who is the best Apex player 2020?

Top 20 Highest Earning Apex Legends Players – Updated August 19 2020PositionNameNationality1stPhilip ‘ImperialHal’ DosenUSA2ndMac ‘Albralelie’ BeckwithUSA3rdJordan ‘Reps’ WolfeUSA4thCoby ‘dizzy’ MeadowsUSA16 more rows•Aug 19, 2020.

Who is best Apex legend?

GGRecon’s definitive tier list ranks the best Apex Legends characters, down to the worst…S TIER – BLOODHOUND, RAMPART, GIBRALTAR. … A TIER – MIRAGE, CAUSTIC, LIFELINE, WRAITH. … B TIER – PATHFINDER, CRYPTO, REVENANT, BANGALORE, WATTSON. … C TIER – OCTANE, LOBA.

What is the strongest apex predator?

Top 9 Apex Predators In The World8 Snow Leopard.7 Saltwater Crocodile.6 Golden Eagle.5 Polar Bear.4 Lion.3 Great White Shark.2 Tiger.1 Killer Whale.More items…

Who is tollis?

Tollis was a member of a group of online gamers called Team Crucifix or Die which placed the hoax emergency to call to University of Connecticut’s admissions department in April 2014, shutting down the school for three hours, according to federal prosecutors.

What is the number 1 apex predator?

ohp slayersapex Rank Score LeaderboardRankPlayerRank Score1ohp slayers77,9002Facilitatur59,7673invulnerabIe56,2374iuxford54,49496 more rows

Who has the most kills with Rampart apex?

kushkid_kkapex Kills LeaderboardRankPlayerKills1kushkid_kk19,1492bruddadom16,3883Lqst__Eden14,7314Case of runs10,53096 more rows

Who is the youngest apex legend?

Ages – from youngest to oldest31 – Crypto.32 – Wraith.34 – Loba.35 – Bangalore.48 – Caustic.288 – Revenant.Unknown – Bloodhound.Unknown – Pathfinder.More items…

Who has the smallest hitbox in Apex?

WraithFrom this, we know that Wraith has the smallest hitbox by some margin. At the other end of the scale, Gibraltar is 140% larger than Wraith. One Reddit user even discovered that Wraith is so small, she can hang and peek over walls without exposing much of her body at all.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

The lore of Apex Legends Bloodhound does inadvertently reveal that they are not, in fact, a girl. Bloodhound does conform to standard gender roles and goes by “they”. We don’t know much more than that but we can at least confirm that Apex Legends Bloodhound is not actually a girl.

What is the #1 predator in the world?

Lions – 25% successful kills Lions are the archetypal apex predator, but their hunting success rate strongly depends on the number of lions involved – a single lion hunting in daylight has a success rate of 17-19 per cent, but this increases for those hunting as a group to 30 per cent.

Is a gorilla an apex predator?

No, they are mainly herbivores but will occasionally eat meat, big, strong very intimidating and may possibly kill you, but won’t kill you for food. Definitely not an Apex predator. Although gorillas are powerful, they are HERBIVORES! —Not predators!

Who is the number 1 player in Apex legends?

Twitch_Apryzeapex Kills LeaderboardRankPlayerMatches1Twitch_Apryze208352Imshleepdawg148243TermK474ABUSING_r2696 more rows